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We are
solution engineers

With over 20 years of proven experience, stability and growth, SMARTSOFT is today part of the 3 Screen Solutions family, that represents a solid business partner for proven solutions, with expertise in creation and development of user interfaces on PC, TV and mobile devices for customers in Europe and beyond.

Today the SMARTSOFT/3 Screen Solutions team consists of over 190 specialists, located in Romania – Tirgu Mures, Brasov and Cluj Napoca, Moldova – Chisinau, Ukraine – Sumy, Germany – Stuttgart, USA – California and Switzerland.

To the world  we are your passionate and visionary development partner that enables you to bring video on any screen.

To us we are solution engineers, part of a secure, stable, family & friendly, team spirited pack. We thrive in working in a dynamic and challenging environment, with the latest technologies. We learn and teach, analyze, manage, develop, apply knowledge and test results, correct and go live, collect rewards and move on.

Our values come from what we are and what we want to achieve

How we develop

Things that support us

6320 training hours

89 TV’s we develop on

152 boxes we use

278 gadgets we develop on

28643 QA hours spent

124733 development hours

6706 design hours

20166 hours for PM, BA and Solution Architect

380 shoulders to rely on

7 offices

80640 cups of coffee

Our Values

Our values are the core principles that guide us, our internal conduct as an organization and our relationship with our customers and partners.

We are and we believe in:

  • Common sense: we apply common sense to everything we do
  • Simplicity: we believe in the simple, not the complex
  • Meritocracy: we promote and reward based on each individual’s merits
  • Like the owner: we are a company of owners, owners take results personally
  • Constant personal development: we are intrinsically motivated and constantly working hard to become better professionals
  • Learning organization: we create a culture for mentoring, teaching and improving all people to reach their personal, professional and corporate goals
  • Focus: we identify the right things and concentrate on them
  • Compromises: we do not sacrifice quality and customer satisfaction for the sake of a quick success
  • Integrity: we do not compromise our individual and organizational integrity ever!


Nearshore Operations

Managing Director, Romania

Loránd Csorvási Szabó

Loránd Csorvási Szabó is responsible as Managing Director of SMARTSOFT (3 Screen Solutions Development entity) for the management of the Nearshore business unit of 3 Screen Solutions. He has been working for 20 years in nearshore software development and since 1998 working for SMARTSOFT in Romania as Managing Director.

During his career he has implemented numerous projects in the e-commerce, e-marketing and VoD area for many international clients from Europe and North America. He holds a degree in computer science from the University of Neumarkt, Romania and speaks fluent Hungarian, Romanian and English.


Founder & Managing Director, Germany

Rudolf Maiterth

Rudolf Maiterth is an IT entrepreneur for nearly 20 years and one of the co-founders of 3 Screen Solutions. After starting his first company in Romania, he was involved in numerous start-ups in the IT sector in Germany.

With a solid background in managing professional teams in the e-commerce and VOD area he is responsible for our development activities in Romania, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

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